5.2 Definition of Blocks where Release Information is Available

When Usages, Revenues or Sales are to be reported where Release information is available to the Message Sender, the following Records shall be communicated for each Block in this order:

  1. One Release Record of type RE04 describing a Head Release. 
    If the Message Sender has received a NewReleaseMessage defined in DDEX’s Release Notification Message Suite Standard, the “Head Release” is the “AlbumRelease” as defined in the NewReleaseMessage.

  2. One or more Resource Records describing Resources of type AS05 to AS06. 
    These Records provide information regarding all the Sound Recordings, Videos and other Resources that are contained in the Head Release. 
    While the AS06 Record allows the communication of the basic details of a Musical Work that underpins the Resource, the AS05 Record does not allow this. Only Resources that have been used or sold shall be included in this section of the Block. For the avoidance of doubt, if a Head Release has been used or sold, all Resources of that Head Release need to be included in the Sales Report Message.

  3. None, one or more Musical Work Records of type MW02 describing Musical Works. 
    These Records provide information regarding all the Musical Works that are utilised in the Head Release and/or one of its Resources. As shown in Figure 5, the Musical Work Records are interspersed with the Resource Records. The Musical Work records immediately following a Resource record describe Works used in that Resource. MW02 Records may not be used in combination with AS06 Records. 
    For the avoidance of doubt: AS05+MW02 and AS06 records may be used within a single Block. One example would be where a DSP communicates, the writers of ten tracks as communicated by the licensee to a works licensor or Rights Controller but where the eleventh track is a medley created by the DSP comprising multiple Musical Works.

  4. None, one or more Rights Controller Record providing information on one RightsController each. The RC01 Record shall point to the AS06 or MW02 Record detailing the Musical Work for which rights control information its provided. The information provided is to the best of the knowledge of the Message Sender. 

  5. None, one or more Records describing “Sub-Releases” of type RE02. 
    These Sub-Releases are either single-Resource Track Releases (as communicated in a NewReleaseMessage) and/or Releases that the Message Sender has generated exclusively from the Resources and/or Musical Works that are used in the Head Release. The Sub-Release Records shall point to the Resources they make use of. Only Sub-Releases that have been used or sold shall be included in this section of the Block.

  6. One or more Records providing Usage, Revenue or Sales figures of type SU01.02 or SU02.02. 
    The SU01.02/02.02 Records shall point to the Release or Resource Record to which the Usage, Revenue or Sale transaction relates. 

The Blocks shall be preceded by one or more Summary Records SY01.02 or SY12 (depending on the commercial model) for each type of use, commercial model and territory any Release contained in the Sales Report Message has been traded under. It is permissible to communicate different types of Summary Records in a single sales/usage report.

It is recommended to provide the Summary Records in a logical order to aid human readability. This would typically mean that Summary Records of different types are not mixed. For example a sequence of SY01.02 SY01.02 SY12 meets this recommendation, whereas SY04.02 SY12 SY01.02 does not.

Figure 1 – One Block of Records when reporting Usages, Revenues or Sales for Audio Releases

Figure 1 shows a Block (the term is used here in accordance with Part 1 of this standard) providing a Head Release with four Resources, three of which include Musical Work information in the Resource Record, whereas one Resource is augmented by Musical Work information in an MW02 Record. Usage, Revenue or Sales are reported for two Sub-Releases as well as for the Head Release.

In the diagram the first SUxx Record provides Usages, Revenues or Sales for a Sub Release, the second Record provides Usages, Revenues or Sales for a Resource and the last Record provides Usages, Revenues or Sales for the Head Release.

The indentation in the diagram is solely for illustration purposes. There is no indentation in a Sales Report Message in accordance with this standard.

The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Profile.

Record Type



SY01.02 or SY12


Also a combination of the Summary record types is allowed: 

  • first all SY01.02 Records (if there are any),

  • then all SY12 Records (if there are any)

|   |   AS05 or AS06


If no (or partial) musical work information is available, an AS06 Record should be used with the relevant Cells left empty.

If the Resource is based on only one musical work, AS06 shall be used. AS05 may only be used if the Resource is based on multiple musical works.

|   |   |  | RC01


May follow either an MW02 or AS06 Record.

|   |   |   MW02


May only follow an AS05 record







|   RE04



|   RE02



|   SU01.02 or SU02.02